Call Center Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing customer relationship functions to third-party business process outsourcing companies located in off-shore destinations is becoming increasingly popular amongst global companies, especially those from the United States and Europe. The call center operations of almost every major company from these western economies today are handled by an offshore enterprise with well-established infrastructure and full-fledged teams of technical and non-technical staff, located remotely. Realizing the value of outsourcing, the global call center industry has grown significantly in the past two decades. By partnering a professional call center, clients can ensure smooth and efficient operation of their business processes.

ERED Technologies is a renowned name in the outsourcing call centers services industry. It is a top choice for most companies when it comes to outsourcing their call center services. It makes perfect business sense to choose us as your call centers outsourcing partner because:

  • You can save 50% to 60% of operational expenses that you would have otherwise spent on running an in-house call center
  • We have a dedicated and fully trained team of call center executives
  • Your processes will be professionally managed by experts
  • You will not have to pay high salaries and bonuses or hire extra staff on weekends and holidays to manage your call center activities
  • We have flexible plans to match the needs of businesses of various types and sizes

Outsourcing call center related processes to ERED Technologies can prove to be a sensible as well as profitable business decision not only for business majors but small and medium enterprises too. We offer customized call center management packages depending on the type and size of business. Small companies can hire minimal staff to handle their processes based on the demands of their business while full-fledged corporate can take a package that will satisfy their business process needs outsourcing.

Call Center Services

ERED Technologies BPO offers industry leading call center services for clients across multiple industries, irrespective of the size of business or scale of operations. Our call center services include a wide range of outbound, inbound, web enabled and allied business process outsourcing call center services.

Our call center services help clients focus on their core business competencies while we efficiently manage their business-critical customer relationship function. We have a team of more than 1000 qualified call center agents, trained in multiple facets of the call center industry. Our agents possess years of experience in managing the call center processes of clients across various industries, which has ingrained in them deep domain expertise across various industry practices and technologies. This acts as a real value addition to our client processes.

Growing competition amongst businesses in the past decade has resulted in increased focus by businesses to improve their customer service initiatives. This trend is visible from the significant growth of the global call center industry during this period.

ERED Technologies BPO offers reliable outsourced call center services that are designed to not only make your customers feel at home but also ensure satisfactory resolution of their queries in the very first call. These call center customer service solutions are reckoned for following attributes:

  • Tailor-made as per business needs
  • Sophisticated performance monitoring tools
  • Proactive and rapid resolution of queries
  • Capabilities for building brand image

Inbound Call Center

The best way to know your customers is by speaking to them directly. 24/7 inbound voice support is the most effective way of ensuring that your business is “always on”. ERED’s voice support services give you an edge over competitors that rely on self-support or automation. Our reputation as one of the leading customer service companies is based on the high-quality, blended call center solutions we provide – inbound, outbound and technical support.

A Look at Our Inbound Voice Support Services

General Inquiries:

Give customers information when they need it most. Our friendly and helpful executives impress and assure your customers.

Billing Queries:

Don’t let payment related queries linger on. Let us help your customers understand their bill and explain charges.

Order Taking:

Keep sales moving along continuously without disruptions. We record orders accurately and communicate in a professional manner.

Customer Issues:

Solve problems with immediacy before they blow up. Our executives address problems promptly and keep your customers satisfied.

Product Information:

Make it easy for customers to understand your product. With quick access to information, your customers can buy or use your product proactively.

Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Support Services

  • As your business grows, your customer support should expand capably too
  • During the early stage of your business, you want to focus on product and core strategies
  • Established businesses can reduce operational costs by embracing call center services
  • Hiring and training skilled individuals in inbound voice support is challenging

Outbound Call Center

Even in the age of internet marketing, outbound dialing is an important part of a company’s marketing and customer service strategy. When done right, it can build valuable and long-term customer relationships. ERED’s outbound support services allow clients to keep in touch proactively with customers and convert customer relationships into tangible business value. We can offer outbound as a standalone service or in conjunction with one or more of our other Call center services: inbound voice support and technical support.

A Look at Our Outbound Support Services


Supplement your in-house market research with customer surveys to learn about current sentiment, expectations and challenges.


Promote products and present sales pitches to drive sales and update customers about the latest products, services and plans.

Lead Generation:

Generate business leads and grow your customer list in a structured, consistent and continuous manner.


Outsource debt collection and pending payments to enjoy peace of mind knowing that dedicated representatives are handling these sensitive communications proactively.


Don’t ever forget to follow-up or delay an important moment in the prospect’s journey.

Appointment Booking:

Lead potential customers’ through the sales lifecycle by initiating contact and setting up meetings.

What Outbound Voice Support Solutions Achieve For Businesses


Outbound calls from customer service representatives can catch potential customers early on and lead them along the sales journey in an informed and seamless manner.


Calls remain an intimate customer communication channel. Follow up on email marketing with a phone call to build prospects’ interest and upsell or cross sell to customers.


Customer relationships are maintained through proactive communications about your new product, loyalty schemes, special offers, frequent flier programs and more.


Outbound support services allow more information to be exchanged effectively for both sides, enabling you to understand your customers at a deeper level.


A phone call from a professional team is the best way to check in with customers at the time of subscription renewal or service expansion.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationship management (CRM) comprises of various strategies and practices that businesses use for understanding their customers better. With the right CRM software and technology‚ the sales department of an organization can effectively analyze and improve customer relationships that can yield rich dividends in the long term in the form of improved sales and revenue generation.

We can streamline and automate key areas of your customer relationship management processes to give you better control on data and help you devise winning strategies. Tasks that have to be repeated time and again when CRM is handled manually can be easily automated with our CRM solutions.

We provide CRM solutions that can scale with your business. You can not only manage contacts and identify potential sales opportunities but also track marketing campaigns and measure outcomes.

ERED’s BPO offers complete customer management solutions that can track customer activity at every stage of the sales cycle through various advanced devices. Sales activity tracking becomes easy with us because we use proven methodologies and techniques. Make life easy for your sales team by choosing us as your CRM partner. Call us now to know what plans we have in store for your business.

Lead Generation Services

Lead generation is the marketing process that creates the interest among target audience about a product or service offered by businesses to generate potential sales leads. Lead generation call centers help businesses to build trust among key customers through dedicated, constant, and meaningful communication, so that when the decision-making process starts, they are ready to become your client.

Process that ERED customer follows to generate potential leads:

We undertake strategic approach to deliver you qualified results. Our team follows the following lead generation process to generate potential leads:

  • Our expert lead generation executives first try to know the business objectives of your company
  • Based on your unique requirements, they plan and devise a comprehensive strategy to optimize your business
  • Our highly skilled team then undertakes most suitable lead generation technique to improve your revenue streams and reduce your overhead cost
  • The methods are then executed in the form of various lead generation services
  • Last of all, a detailed analysis of the results is presented to help you understand and analyze your business growth rate.

Methodology that we follow to deliver world-class lead generation services:

  • Highly targeted leads are generated through customized database calling – only prospective customers are called, those who are truly interested in purchasing your products or services
  • Potential sales leads are also generated through effective telemarketing services, referral campaigns and product surveys
  • A regular posting in online forums, blogs and social networking sites is done to increase your visibility on organic search engines
  • Runs direct e-mail marketing campaigns to reach out your customers in a right manner. Our team of experts after deep analysis of your product/service market creates innovative e-mailers. This helps you in spreading word of mouth to the targeted customers.
  • Highly creative newsletter is designed with the right call to action message to impel your prospective customer to buy your products.

Product Promotion

At ERED, we specialize in the best publicity services to cater to your product’s promotional needs. Our team of marketing experts strive to implement innovative strategies so that effective and proven business solutions get deployed.

In order to accomplish the same, we carry out viral marketing campaigns and roll out powerful promotional campaigns which leave an impact on the onlooker’s mind. Our skilled teams with enriched experience and qualifications assist you in your product promotion activities, right from conceptualization through implementation.

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