Market Research

Smart enterprises use market research services to incessantly monitor & quantify changing consumer needs, market size, and analyze user behavior to stay ahead of competition. Market research firms provide businesses with accurate stats to plan and develop products and services that profitably match customers’ requirements and bolster decision making, enabling them to enter into the growth and success trajectory.

ERED Technologies is one of the leading market research firms across the globe offering highly lucrative and success-driven market research solutions to the line-of-businesses. Our expert practitioners with unparalleled research methodologies and diverse data sets help in unfolding user needs, capabilities, associated risks and market limitations helping you to take effective business decisions.

Our Scope of Service:

Market Analysis:

We use best-in-class analytical & statistical methods to understand market opportunities and threats, so that maximum revenue and stability can be achieved. In this, we study market size, growth rate, various distribution mediums, and market trends to add value proposition to your business.

Competition Analysis:

In order to give your business maximum reach and profitability, we carry-out a comprehensive competition analysis and accordingly make changes to develop the strategy and make your business a success.

Data Collection:

Our erudite research associates collect information about changing market dynamics, new niches and geographies that your business can step-in and create comprehensive reports in the same format proposed by you.

Opinion Polls:

We conduct surveys by preparing set of questions in tandem with your business offerings to take public opinion through telecommunication channels or in person-to-person contact. This in turn helps in figuring out positive, deficient sides and new requirements allowing you to implement in the better way.

SMS Service:

We create a text message campaign to gather information and help your customers with easy solutions. Our SMS service to Delhi Jal Board is a feather in our cap.

Sourcing and Procurement

The ERED Technologies BPO Sourcing and Procurement Practice is guided by a single mantra– to help clients lower their third-party spend and optimize procurement operations by ‘doing more with less’. We achieve this by delivering transformative solutions, either largescale or targeted. At the core of our solutions is our proprietary platform ERED Technologies Procure Edge.

Challenges and opportunities

The procurement function has transformed to become more strategic over the years. Today, it delivers significant business value through strategic sourcing and spend management, but there remain challenges such as:

  • High cost of service delivery
  • Paucity of strategic sourcing skills, domain and category expertise
  • Lack of measures to deal with economic shocks and market volatility

However, opportunities are also aplenty. We combine the right people and expertise, efficient processes and technologies, to deliver the most effective outcomes. We offer capability optimization through usage of offshore resources, leveraging category expertise, using fit-for-purpose processes, and an operating model that is scalable, with lower fixed costs.

Product Promotion Services

At ERED Technologies, we specialize in the best publicity services to cater to your product’s promotional needs. Our team of marketing experts strive to implement innovative strategies so that effective and proven business solutions get deployed.

In order to accomplish the same, we carry out viral marketing campaigns and roll out powerful promotional campaigns which leave an impact on the onlooker’s mind. Our skilled teams with enriched experience and qualifications assist you in your product promotion activities, right from conceptualization through implementation.

This list outlines a few key services which distinguish us from our competitors:

  • Offer valued support and guidance for promotional activities
  • Deliver bespoke marketing campaigns best suited for your business
  • Provide customized services in order to cater to business goals
  • Implement unbiased business practices with pellucidity
  • Render services at highly competitive prices

Social Media Monitoring

We provide social media monitoring services for business. A lot of companies spending a lot in social media networks for their business and they need result-oriented facts. With the ERED analytics and social media monitoring it is easy to understand the investment and return.

We have experts and professionals for monitoring your social media channel and we provide complete data and result. We provide Traffic results, engagement, conversion and impression management reports. We give you a total scenario of your social media operations, that includes:

  • Google Analytics
  • Web analytics
  • Facebook management
  • LinkedIn management
  • Twitter management
  • YouTube management

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